The last two decades have brought significant growth in new therapies for epilepsy. Within that time, eleven new antiepileptic drugs have come to market, as well as one new device (the vagus nerve stimulator). Yet, the percent of epilepsy patients who would be defined as treatment resistant has not changed, remaining at about 30%. In addition, since most drugs are initially (and often only) approved for refractory partial seizures, patients with other epilepsy syndromes remain particularly underserved. Development of new therapies in epilepsy remains vital.

The Epilepsy Study Consortium is a unique collaboration of Investigators and foundations interested in the improvement of epilepsy patients’ lives, through facilitation of antiepileptic drug development. The Consortium will focus on early drug development, through phase IIB. The following resources will be brought to this process by the Consortium:

  • Partnering of 24 major epilepsy centers
  • Substantial expertise in drug development among the investigators
  • Development of coordinated processes, establishing consistency from center to center
  • Frequent meetings between the investigative sites, to synchronize recruitment processes and study activities

How can you help?

If you feel that you have patients who are appropriate for any of the ongoing studies, please contact us at